How to get there

You step off the train at the Valencia AVE station (Joaquín Sorolla) and in 2 minutes you're dropping off your luggage

When you leave the Joaquin Sorola train station, you just have to cross the avenue, and you are at our door. We offer spacious facilities with continuous surveillance. All the room you need to store your suitcases and visit Valencia care free.

Reservation Details
1 cabin bag + 1 small bag
60x40x40 cm
x units, y/ day
1 medium and 2 small bags or 3 cabin bags
x units, y/ day
1 large and 2 medium suitcases or 5 small bags
x units, y/ day
25/03 10:00
26/03 12:00
1 day(s)
Total Price: 123,45 99 days duration.

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